You would pay attention to a 'TV Doppler' Weather alert about an approaching hurricane; LIKE Hurricane Ike ... OR

So, Now What Do We Do With The Harvest of "PAPER TRAILS" Left Behind By the Heritage of Beloved Parents / Loved Ones?

Introduction ...

  • So Dad and Mother have died, [1998 and 2011], Both of their children have retired, their 'Family' House and Retirement Home' sold by the court-after 'Little Schwesterchen' and her husband protested the will; So what would I do with all their letters, documents, pictures, music tapes, sacred records, sketches, calculations and other ' Family Heirlooms ' that had been left behind
  • I was Mother's Primary Care Giverfor the Last (6) years of her life ; The court ruled that  she died intestate,   gave me a departure date, and as just mentioned,  'little schwesterchen ' had no interest in helping, so what should I do after my entire world for the last 6 years had been turned upside down?
  • I just did not have the heart to trash everything or as my ex-brother-n-law said: " strike a match ;" So with my previous website as a model [2003-2010] I decided to create a ' Legacy ' website that would be a ' Tribute ' to Both Families and that I could hand over to my children, grandchildren, cousins ​​with CPU knowledge and affinity 'and not to anyone who just saw it as work, but rather someone who could identify ' Labor of Love ' that I have begun to invest.


A spin-off AFTER starting this project is that I realized there are many, many individuals and families who are facing the same issues that I have faced; Therefore, a  'Niche' of this website is the gathering, formula stuff and collating of documents, pictures, wills, funeral arrangements and so forth , ' so forth , or as we say in the German Language, "und so weiter,"so this will be one of the directions and' Niches' of this website. Later I found, especially after starting to monetize my site,  and my travels through the VA System and my transfer to a Messianic Congregationthat I had seveal "Niches."

  • My first website was " Your Secured Desktop: My Guarantee", [above image],   through which I was selling Voice Broadcasting Software and online Maintenance and Repair Services-as well as Identity Theft Protection Services ...
  • I started the [above] site in 2004 and even though the website theme was rather limited, I had created a +100 pages website by 2006 ; In late 2006, I was volunteered [ or conscripted] to become Mother's Primary Care Giver, since I was the only one in the family with any hands-on medical experience, and especially since I was an ex Combat Medic / Surgical Technician.  
  •  My 'Secured-Desktop-Website' was on the   verge of becoming profitable when Mother became critically ill and I had to convert from being a part-time 'PRIMARY CARE GIVER  ' to  a 24x7 avocation within a month's time. 
  • I dismantled the site in late 2009 , to devote all my time to Mother's Care, after retiring in April, 2009. 
  • As a side note, when she lost her use of her legs and left sister in November, 2010 , Alzheimer's worsened, her quality of life began to diminish; and she died in April, 2011, almost reaching the age of 89, falling short of this age by 72 days! This motivated me to begin to take my own health and the future of my life more seriously.
  • Additionally,   if I approach the 'Late Fall and Early Winter-of-My-Own-Life', I also want to record some of my ' Faith Walk'
  • Experiences and some Memories from my two years in VietNam from June 1969 to May, 1971; My +20 years battle with 'Graves Disease' and the VA Catacombs of Treatments. 
  • My discovery of good health through LIMU's 'fucoidan' seaweed products and then YOUNGEVITY'S      ful spectrum and repertoire of rvitamin and mineral supplements and
  • Finally, this site is dedicated to encourage my two children and grandchildren in their Christian Faith and their American and Ancestral Heritage! 

Subsequent 'Website Building' Activities with Social Media Profiles-Channels

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C heck it out
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* Does he / she have an Affinity-Even Layman Status for Building Websites, Internet Marketing, or have a passion that's 'screaming internally' to be expressed, and most importantly, understands the philosophy of the Way of the Tortoise? '
 ' Lastly does he/she need to express that passion?'

Hint Number One 

About All Those Left-Behind 'Paper Trails and Heirlooms ...
 What Do We Do With All The Paper Trails and Heirlooms When None Of My [Our] Other Relatives Had Interest-Not Even' Meine Klein Schwesterchen? 'You will need either inside bookshelves or metal shelves for a storeroom.

Move In Day Was Sepetember 'Labor Day' 2013. I'll Never-Ever Move Again- Especially After Age 70 !!! Unless I can just pay some one else to pack / unpack all the boxes !!!

Shelves bought from 'Office Makers-IAH, Tx.,' for Storage of Family History Binders-Records; eventually 34 binders / 3 boxes of plastic protectors!

Let's See, Now Where Did I Put My Keys, My Billfold And My Checkbook? And Oh yes, my glasses - Oh yes, my glasses are on my face ?!?!?!  

I think these boxes are multiplying overnight; I did not notice this many boxes last night when I went to bed?  Are they muuliplying Overnight. ..Hmmmm- Stored in a big room for the person who will clean all this up when I'm gone ?!?!?!


  1. "Do not throw anything away you until  you've had a chance to go through it all-" once you determine it has not been destroyed by time, insects or weather-even to the point of buying sturdy bookshelves and an 'on-site storage room.  My result was 39 (5 ​​") 3-Ringed Binders  with Plastic Protector Sheets; 
  2. Find a colleague, relative, or friend with interest in your family history who has a similar 'fire in your belly for learning the history of our family.


Set up a storage closet or container for the ' spillover ' which you will inevitably have ... start with your setting up your shelves, and then moving overflow objects onto the shelves.

Need More Space for a Storage Room Like the Picture to the Left and Right ??

This Space is being Reserved for Images of my StorageRoom once I am able to buy, assemble and organize my Storage Shelves-Please Standby or Revisit After 06-15-19-New Pictures to Come After Clean-Up .. . Thanks!

Hint number FOUR:

Now Today, SIX  years later, this Storage Room is Completely Full and in dire need of metal shelves [on both sides]; in order to Consolidate Space, cut-down some boxes, and plan on doing  a little "Spring / Early Summer Cleaning" ... Probably in May-June, 2019-if I can find my ' Roundtuit ', 'Now it's DECEMBER 2018 ,  and I'm probably 1-2 months away from buying 4-5  storage shelves from Amazon and clean out this 'extra room.'

Stay Tuned for Updated Pictures in Late Spring or Early Summer!

So, This Site is Purposely Designed to Be BOTH Dynamic [Changing] and Interactive [We Want Your Input] ... So, 

Do you want to contribute and help us make this site more Dynamic and interactive and have a voice in what is published and which photos are uploaded?  You Can Help Us in Two Ways:

First , if you see something you like or want that is advertised, buy it and you will be helping two support this site;
Secondly , at the bottom of this page and selected following pages will be a form-fill to enter comments, upload pictures or videos and share memories or make corrections when you see errors.


Oh, By-the-Way, I will   sprinkle this type of a  Content Form   [ and other form types ] on various pages Throughout The website where I or my visitors mener  Additional input would be Both Interesting and Contributing! Hvis du tror at et skjema skal være til stede på et websted, hvor det er absent eller skal ikke være på en side hvor det er placeret, venligst lad os vide!

Do We Have Your Attention?

Do you have a Passion / Subject-of-Interest  that You Want to Tell Others About; But You Would Like to Talk to a Real-Person About SSI-SBI Before Committing?

Here is a Quick Tutorial on how to use the Content 2.0 Form [Below]

... this is a draft for this tutorial and will be replaced after I review a few more of the YouTube 'Camatasia' Tutorials that will help me to assure a top-notch, professional tutorial.

Thanks for your interest and patience!

  • I am a participant [since March 2017] in the Amazon Associates Services,  SSI-SBI, Bing and other Affiliate Marketing Programs; 
  • Most Recently the Amazon Influencer Program-see description in left column ; By definition, Affiliate Advertising Programs are designed to provide a means for the author / developer to earn fees by linking to Various Retail Sites; thereby monetizing and perpetuating this website (s). " 
  • In 2019 I have started promoting eBook Services and Affiliate Program by Sqribbler-see banners and videos scattered throughout the site.
  • When you purchase a product from one of our webpages, you are Helping to Maintain and perpetuate this site long after the developer is Totally Disabled and / or died and walked through the veil of this life to the next.
  • I only list products that I think will be relevant and needed by my visiting Audience.

HERE'S ...

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Harvesting Tongan Island 'Seaweed' the Old Fashioned Way <=> Hard Work!

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My ex-Brother-n-Law is Still my friend- meine little Schwesterchen  divorced him-I did not ; I was reluctant to add to my LIMU Regimen , but once started, I began to see and feel the YGY benefits IMMEDIATELY ; At First, I added THE YGYi Replacement Mineral to my Seaweed Cocktail and I Immediately realiseret att Youngevity Tangerine 2.0 Minerals   [in my opinion] puts the Seaweed Meal Replacement Shake on steroids and kicks the drink til ' Overdrive .' I drink one shaker every morning and evening. Remember, it's the ' Fucoidan'That does the work, the seaweed is just the transport vehicle. Once I learned that YGYi had a 'Fucoidan'Type Product, the decision to switch brands was almost automatic!

Please Remember ,

I do not own an automobile or associated expenses; so I take the funds I would spend on transportation and transfer to vitamins and minerals to protect my health ; oh yes, since I am +70 years old, my public transportation around Houston is FREE! 

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