You would pay attention to a 'TV Doppler' Weather alert about an approaching hurricane; LIKE Hurricane Ike ... OR

They Gave Us 'Sustaining-Lasting' Faith the Faith of a Mustard Seed:

"More Blessed are those who have Not seen and yet believe than those who have seen and believe"...John 20:29
Our 'Mustard Seed' Faith is Still Alive After +2000 Years

The Tiny Mustard Seed

What The Mustard Seed Grows Into...

Introduction & How My Journey Started ...

What is 'Mustard Seed' Faith?

The 'Mustard Seed' is a very small seed [see above pictures] but grows into a very large plant. YESHUA  compares the 'Kingdom of G-d' to a 'Mustard See' ... See Matthew 123: 31-32

Secondly, YESHUA used the mustard seed to illustrate the principles of the 'Kingdom of G-d,' for several reasons. A seed carries within its DNA or 'blueprint for development' of the parent plant. An acorn produces only an oak tree and not a hickory tree. A mustard see is going to produce a Mustard Plant.-ONLY!

Deshalb und Gleichweise, the Word of Our G-D will produce the Kingdom of G-D within you... see Luke 17:21

One of My Favorite Christian Quotes/ Parables is That of 'Doubting Thomas'...

Thomas, one of the twelve, doubts the appearance of the risen Lord. Christ appears, and tells him, “Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed.” John 20: 24-29

I Was Blessed To Have Been Born Into A 'Christian            [ Mennonite-Methodist] Home'  and to a Mother that was a 'True Believer' and a Father That Loved, Prayed, Worshiped and Praised [through what I called His Music Ministry] ADONAI-JEDEN TAGE SEINES LEBENSLANGE!
[G-D,  EVERY DAY, ALL THE DAYS OF HIS LIFE!] One of my favorite pictures/MEMORIES was Daddy playing the piano and singing praises to ADONAI , just 3 YEARS before he went into a coma...for the first/last time!

Dad sings at Hillsboro Family Reunion-1950s; Mother used to say: "He just stands up, opens his mouth and out comes the most rich and beautiful baritone voice." I look froward to hearing him sing again; when he died, Mother and Gwendolyn put a banner across the top of his casket that said: "Sing With the Angels, Daddy!"

Daddy Singing/Playing 12/25/95 as he often would, on the spur of a moment, at the Buschong Home, 1976<=>1998; displaying Life-Long Faith in YESHUA HA MASHIACH; he ws a good shepherd for his family.

Dad sings Hillsboro Family Reunion-Meno Harder at Left, HCW daughter, Gwendolyn Lois Wall, about 7 or 8 years old, at Right. Dad was often invited back to shis hometown of Hillsboro, Kansas to sing at various Mennonite Church and Tabor College Events and activities-like "THE MESSIAH."

  • I was very Blessed to have been born into a 'Christian Home' in April, 1944. 
  • Dad was from Low-German/Russian Mennonite Parents and although he attended the 'Methodist' Church the Majority of his life, he 'shepherded' his family in the Mennonite Tradition. 
  •  I remember once, when I was a rebellious teenager, I asked him why he insisted on church attendance, prayer, witness and personal testimony and he answered with a question: "Why do you think I taught you how to swim?"Because it will save my life someday." He smiled and said:
  • " Bestimmt, [Exactly] and so will your study of the Bible, Belief in YESHUA HAMASHIACH [JESUS the Messiah] , your prayer life and your personal testimony through the life you live, now do what your Mother and I say!"

Jetzt, zum 73 Jahren, weiss Ich denn er hat 'Richtig' gesagt! [Now at age 73, I know what he said was correct]

They Met in Church at Collins Methodist...

  • Dad was in the Army Air Corps [it was WWI about 1941-43] and he was a guest soloist at Collins Methodist Church. 
  • Mother told me their eyes met and locked and they couldn't take their eyes off of each other for the rest of the evening. 
  • When she went home that evening she told her Mother: "Mama, Pappa, I've met the man I'm going to marry; he's got black hair, blue eyes, sings, and smokes a pipe!" 
  • Grandmother Lynch climbed out of bed to talk to her and Grandfather just rolled over and said: 
  • "Tell us about it in the morning, Now, go to bed !"

To the Mennonites and Especially to the Wall Family, Singing Was the Highest Method of Praising ADONAI and Allowing the Spirit Man/Woman  to Come Forth...

2 Top pictures from Zwiebach Trail, Gnadenau Cemetery Entrance Marker, Pastor Lee Suderman, Newton, Kansas and cousin to webpage author. The 'Anabaptist' Movement was the cornerstone of the Mennonite Faith, along with Non-Violence and not serving in the military; so it was a surprise when Daddy's Cousin, Lewis Hagen served in Korea, Daddy in the Army Air Corps, Lewis in the Marine Corps and the web author in RVN, as a Combat Medic/Surgical Technician [Assistant]. When I received my draft notice in the summer of 1968, my daddy told me: "Follow the Conscience of your Spirit Man;" so I reported in early September 1968 and (9) months later I started two years of service in The Republic of VietNam. Now almost 47 years later and although da'Nam almost destroyed me, my RVN service has been the 'high point' of my life!

Two Top[Right] Pictures from Der Zwiebach Weg [Zweibach Trail] regarding the Anabaptist Origins of the Mennonite and the emphasis upon singing as part of their heritage and worship; bottom picture is in Gnadenau Cemetery, Hillsboro, Kansas, commemorating their origins in Germany-Russia. Our Family [the 4 Walls] always viewed a 'trip to Kansas' as the major family event of the year. On the way my sister and I were given 'specific instructions' about what to say/not say and whatever you say; don't tell a-n-y-o-n-e about Daddy's 'Pipe Smoking!'  Although I attended Mainstream Protestant Singing because of Daddy's Choir Directing and Singing Talents, and now as a Registered/Tithe-Giving 'Messianic Congregation' Member, my Mennonite DNA still surfaces on very frequent occasions. Today, at 73, I am so grateful for the 'Mennonite Shepherding' of my earthly father and only wish he had been more strict and non-conforming with me during my rebellious teenaged years. That's why I will be buried next to him when I pass through the veil of this life to the next at Forest Park, Lawndale in Houston, Texas, my hometown. The Biggest Word of Thanks I can give to Both of my Parents is to be a 'Reborn Believer' at the age of 73 1/2 and to be a full tither, in addition to keeping the 'Real Shabbat' for the last (14) years.

Military Press @ each corner b / 4 starting a new corridor

Extensors & Flys held stationary during each 'breezeway' [about 5 steps] and 1 breezeway per leg.

Vitamins- minerals before & after my walks are "Critical." Dr. Wallach talks about high-school / college athletes who collapse during "2-a-day" workouts, & this is because of vitamin-mineral depletions: Not Water! I do not own an auto, take vacations or eat out, so I am able to afford $ 375 <=> $ 450 per month and have different vitamins-minerals for odd / even numbered months! :>)

So each 'corridor' wing is about 1/16 of a mile in length. I alternate with dumbell curls that i extend over each shoulder & then conclude with both arms doing 'twin curls' over my shoulders. The number of curls I will do will correspond with the Lap # that I am completing: 1 for 1st lap, 3 for 3rd lap & 7 for seventh lap! See Images to Right & 

HERE'S ...

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