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  1. "Lynch Ancestors Arrived with Sam Houston: One of First 300 Families!"

    Mar 21, 21 05:49 PM

    "Mother pointed to Lynchburg from the 'Texas' Stern: That's Where I Came From!!!"

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    Mar 21, 21 02:51 AM

    * Upgraded my ancestry subscription to World Traveller so I could access Military Records from WWII, Korea, and RVN. * Ordered Dell E177 Monitor & then it wouldn't work; send the seller a jpeg & he th…

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  3. "Want to Build A Site Like This? Make Walking to Your CPU Your New Commute?"

    Mar 18, 21 09:07 PM

    "Build an SBI! ebusiness Not Just Another Website or Blog in the Internet Jungle!"

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Change of Regimen / Protocol / May 2016 ...

  • Instead of ordering LIMU [Fucoidan] and Blu Frog Separately, I'm Now Ordering a Combo Life Package from YOUNGEVITY
  • starting in April 2017, I started with the '90 -for-Life 'package then the' YGY Weight-Loss Package ' 
  • and Have Finally Settled Down With The 'Anti-Aging Package,' And The 'Pro-Line' Of YGYi Products, Spending About $ 375 Per Month.
  • I Also Supplement My Packs with Rebound Meal Replacement Powder, Rebound Sports Energy Drink, ZRadical [Fucoidan Product], Purmeric [Anti Oxidants], Selenium, and My New Addition is TaiSlim Weight Loss.
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