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When I received my 'Draft Notice' to be displayed on my 'Viet-Nam War Page I went to my Mennonite Father and asked him for his advice; I was (24) at the time September, 1968 and will always remember his advice:

"Son, I served, but don't let my service be a reason for your service; if you love your country, then you should consider serving; and since you are graduating, perhaps you can become an officer or learn a skill that will help you upon your separation; but whatever you do, Remember This: You will be headed towards a combat zone and there's an above average chance that you will be hurt or even killed; so before you go, strengthen your faith, make peace with your Mother we used to 'knock heads' at least once per day-I guess because I was so much like her side of the family and your sister; Stay Out of Trouble, Stop Your Drinking and Partying and your ultimate goal is the 'Honorable Discharge,' which if you don't earn, you will have a very difficult post military life.

I did, I did, I did and I earned my Honorable Discharge. But now +45 years later, I feel I dishonored my family, my faith, and my life code.

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