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This is "O-U-R" Site Blog which will update each time I change a page; additionally, I will add family updates for all branches of the Herman Wall- Lois Lynch Families; your input will be desired and helpful.

Jun 25, 2017

I Don't Mean 2 Continue Beating a Dead Dog-But...

The 'Biggest' and Most 'Unexpected' Challenge with my website project has revolved around the 'paper trails' of photos, letters, certificates, military records, medical records that are left behind by your FNRs when they die.

As a reminder go back to my home page of http://heritage-harvesters.com and scroll down to the fold and see the pictures of the two large bookcases that contain my Family History's 'Papertrails.'

I have just under 4000 photos in my online and internal warehouses and have two main storage programs: photostack developed by Serif and screencast developed by TechSmith; one is designed to be a collating type of software, especially for albums and the other, Screencast, is designed for not only storage but sending out via eMails and embedding pathways onto a website or blog.

I think the last program I will have to buy is the $199 SEO TOOLKIT created by Australian Internet Marketing Firm, Trellian. This will allow me to do much the same function as an 'AdSense' Program would allow me to perform.

So the Shabbat is 'vorbei gegangen' and I can return to my website work.

Shalom v' Shavuah Tov


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Jun 21, 2017

BIGGEST PROBLEM With A Tribute/Legacy Website...

If you go to my homepage of http://heritage-harvesters.com and scroll to the middle of the page, near the fold, you will see pictures of the substantial bookcases I had to buy to store the 39 five-inched ringed notebooks to store all of the photos, letters, documents, certificates that Mother and Dad collected in 55 years of marriage!

Then the next chore was to determine how to store those photos, letters, and documents that I have stored online and on my computer; then, further-how to protect them.

I finally decided on 3 programs to help me: First, a watered-down version of a photoshop type of product that provided the elements of functionality without the "Ferrari Type" cost of Adobe's Photoshop. That company and product are called Serif and their product is Photo Plus, v. 8.0 and as soon as I upgrade from a 32-bit to a 64-bit OS, I'll buy their v. 9.0.

The second program and company is Tech Smith and their Screencast online storage for jpegs, ping types of files.

The final program, which I haven't purchased yet is a program called "SEO Toolkit" developed by an Australian Company named Trellian.

And to develop Targeted Traffic one needs to consider becoming an Amazon Associate and Advertising with Bing Ads.

So, even though it is a 'Labor of Love,' the lady is a 'High Maintenance'Commitment; but the rewards of saving things that were destined for destruction by thoughtless and uncaring people is more joy and satisfaction than I can describe.

Take a second look at my home page and try to appreciate the 6 revisions and the "M-O-N-T-H-S" of 'Brainstorming' to come up with the words 'heritage-harvesters" and how determined I was to come up with a short, zippy, memorable domain name.

So now, I've got all my tools in place except for the SEO Toolkit and all that remains is to start grinding the pages out; so, we have 6 months left in the year and if I can do 2-3 pages a week, then I should be able to complete +50 web pages by the end of the year; T-H-E-N this project will become exciting, especially if I start making enough $$$ to replace my VA and/or my SSA Checks so that I can start banking them; then life will get exciting again and perhaps I'll be able to help my Messianic Congregation to complete their Synagogue???

Erev Tovhcwjr/ ponyhunter98

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Jun 21, 2017

I Almost Forgot: Just Say 'No' To The TV

During the time I was making my decision to switch from LIMU=>Youngevity, I had called into YG to reschedule a payment for the basic minerals product. While waiting on hold, while I was surfing through the YG site, I glanced down into my bill box and I noticed my phone bill was on top, so I picked it up.

I was horrified to see I was paying $175 per month for +400 channels of cable and the main programs that I watch are sports, nature shows, the news and history/military types of channels; then I realized: all my sports "heroes" from my youth are either old and crippled or dead; there was just so many ways a lion could kill a 'hildabeast,' oops, I meant a 'wildebeast,' or a cheetah to chase down an impala and I just became Totally Fatigued watching the news hour and the total lack of respect that visitors and monitors have for each other; so I did the unthinkable-I unplugged my Vizio 39" Smart TV [for the last time] and canceled my Cable Service.

Now I have an extra $175 to dump into my monthly vitamins and minerals budget.

Guess What? I haven't missed the TV and now have more time to work on creating webpages for my http://heritage-harvesters.com website, more time for my Hebrew Studies, remember? I'm 73 so it takes more repetition for me to remember things, A-N-D I can keep current with the news via YouTube.

YouTube she cried: You know you can't trust what is on the internet; oh, I see, and you can trust the 24-hours news channels?

Try it, you might like it and then one day, you too, can say:

"I'm a recovering, ex-TV watcher and yes, I once was very sick and depressed, but now each day without TV is like a new day of life!!!"

BTW, for background noise, since I live alone, I have my favorite Christian FM-Radio Station going about 10 hours per day; better than having a pet, and a lot less costly and messy.


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Jun 21, 2017

Fatih Pages and RVN Memories Pages

I am currently working on my Faith Pages for the above website and believe I almost have my Tier-3 page problems resolved.

The second problem for both web themes was locating my photos that I have scattered on about 5 different thumb drives. Now that I have my 'Skill-Set' polished for my Serif [Photo Plus v. 8.0] image modification program I'll be able to 'fine-tune' some of the photos; I'm Really interested in seeing how the program will improve photos that have copied on paper and whether-or-not I'll be able to make them appear presentable.

TTYL, Time to hit the rack...


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Jun 21, 2017

Thank-You to My http://youtube.com/ponyhunter98 Subscribers

I went over 2300 Subscribers in Early May and I just wanted to thank all of my subscribers who helped me do this; my next goal is to reach 2500 by July 4th and 3,000 by Labor Day.

I finally resolved some of my webcam and headset microphone interfacing problems and will be adding videos again by the weekend; so Stay Tuned and Come Back Often!



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Jun 21, 2017

"Dead Doctors Don't Lie" / "Let's Play Doctor"

So, in Mid-May I had called Youngevity, the company I buy my minerals from, in order to change a drop-shipment order; while I was on Hold I started surfing through the site and I became Super-Impressed with the founder Dr. Joel Wallach, Youngevity Product Mix and the testimonials.

So after changing my order date, I decided to look further into "Doc Wallach" by going to YouTube and reviewing every video I could find on Dr. Joel Wallach, Youngevity, Soil Depletions and at the end of 10 days, I became convinced to switch from LIMU to Youngevity.

So, I canceled by $215 order with LIMU and transferred to Youngevity; purchased same and more products for $193: Keep in mind I don't have automobile expenses and decided back in 2015, when I received my increase for my RVN-PTSD, that I would "dump" that extra money into vitamins and minerals to keep my body healthy, now that I've gone over 73 years of age. In June, I ordered $298, with the majority of the expense being the second case of their Rebound Energy Drink and the Meal Replacement Shake.

I then became an affiliate and started promoting Youngevity via my website which you can visit at....


Now on my 3rd big order in July, I have found the 'Happy Combination' that will help me the most and only cost about $260 and then every other month I will buy two cases of the energy drink.


I had become a subscriber of the original mineral drink for $25 and then moved up to $58 at the encouragement of my ex-brother-n-law, P.D., since September 2013. So like many of you reading this blog, I didn't pay attention to his suggestions, but when the time was right ADONAI opened my eyes and heart to how naturally created products could improve my health; I encourage you to do the same.

More to come on Subsequent Blogs as I continue my weight loss journey back down to 190#s.

Shavuah Tov b'YESHUA HAMASHIACHHave a Good Week Through Jesus the Messiah


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Apr 19, 2017

Are You FINALLY Ready to Learn Some Biblical Hebrew?

So, if you have started worshiping with a Messianic Congregation [like I did 2 1/2 years ago] and want to participate in the songs, chants, prayers in Hebrew but are still struggling-with even learning the Aleph-bet-I have a couple of suggestions that are starting to help me:

1. Go to http://hebrew4christians.com => online store => purchase Zola's Introduction to Hebrew and after you have completed 35-50 pages of study...

2. follow it up with the purchase of the Biblical Hebrew Home Study by Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi which includes a workbook, flashcards and two CDs; I GUARANTEE YOU WON'T REGRET IT-IF- YOU ARE SERIOUSLY WANTING TO LEARN SOME QUALITY BIBLICAL HEBREW!

3) Start listening to Messianic Music and be repetitive in your listening; remember, that's how we learned as kids-Right?


Shuvah Tov Mishpocha and Shalom B'YESHUA!

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Apr 06, 2017


For the last 3-4 years, I have been promoting/recommending LIMU products for vitamins and minerals supplements and weight-loss purposes; primarily because of the 50#s I have lost since January, 2015.

*About 2 1/2 years ago, my ex-Bro-n-Law [still my friend, meine kleine Schwesterchen divorced him-I didn't] introduced me to a company-Youngevity-and a mineral drink product, which by itself-tastes horrible.

*So, I reacted with somewhat of a 'Ho-Hum' response; however, I added one small cup, daily, to my LIMU Meal Replacement Shake and I feel it DEFINITELY Contributed to my Weight-Loss Results.

*This past week I went to the Youngevity Site to change my drop-shipment order date from the 6th to the 12th and while on the site reviewed some new product announcements AND learned about a new shake-meal replacement product-which keenly interested me.

*So I began to study Dr. Joel Wallach [founder of Youngevity] and his company. I BECAME TOTALLY IMPRESSED: Dr. Wallach has a degree in Agriculture, then went to veterinarian school, naturopathic school, was a comparative forensic pathologist, completed a grant study in Africa and then (20) years ago founded the company, Youngevity.

*I have decided to cancel all my product subscriptions-shipments with Princeton Nutrients and Limu and transfer those purchases to Youngevity.

*I will start with my first order on 01 May, 2017.

Stay tuned to my website for updates and results...Shavuah Tov [Have a Blessed Week] hcwjr/ ponyhunter98


Mar 28, 2017

That 'Old WebEthic' Has Returned!

Last Couple of nights I have awakened at 0330 and 0430, wide-eyed and ready to start work on my site. I have been amazed that once I finalized my Amazon Associates Status and a couple of additional 'Monetization' Tools I became very motivated-maybe because I have a deadline of my first sale in mid-September?

So, actually, I am further along than I thought: I now have created [at least the 'webpage scaffolding'] for about 10 pages with about 6 pages either completed or 'almost' completed.

Lastly, of the 25-30 daily visitors, I am also realizing visitors from 10 different countries-including China and Russia-which means the site definitely has an 'International' Appeal!

Remember, the site is being constructed as a 'Web-Cafeteria' rather than a 'Web-Restaurant.' I don't expect you to read and digest each article, each page, each ad, but rather what is of interest to you and how and why you came to visit our site!

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Mar 28, 2017

That 'Old WebEthic' Has Returned!

Last Couple of nights I have awakened at 0330 and 0430, wide-eyed and ready to start work on my site. I have been amazed that once I finalized my Amazon Associates Status and a couple of additional 'Monetization' Tools I became very motivated-maybe because I have a deadline of my first sale in mid-September?

So, actually, I am further along than I thought: I now have created [at least the 'webpage scaffolding'] for about 10 pages with about 6 pages either completed or 'almost' completed.

Lastly, of the 25-30 daily visitors, I am also realizing visitors from 10 different countries-including China and Russia-which means the site definitely has an 'International' Appeal!

Remember, the site is being constructed as a 'Web-Cafeteria' rather than a 'Web-Restaurant.' I don't expect you to read and digest each article, each page, each ad, but rather what is of interest to you and how and why you came to visit our site!

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Mar 24, 2017

Do You Know What a 'Native Ad' Is?

Well, after a couple of 'False-Starts' I Finally Got the Mechanics Dialed in and our site was reviewed by Amazon Technical Staff and was given a 'Temporary' 180 Day Membership; meaning I have 180 days to sell something [via our website] before I can be given a Permanent Membership; Sooooo, if you see something you like-CLICK AND BUY-the link takes you to the Amazon Site and you have the full protection, guarantees and format of the OFFICIAL Amazon Site.

The Way Native Ads works is that after becoming an Amazon Associate, one creates SEO keywords associated with the content of the particular webpage.

So I have until mid-late September to really beef up the content of the site and make a couple of sales. P-L-E-A-S-E help if you can.

Lastly, tomorrow is the Sabbath so if you are a Sabbath Observer or Worship in a Messianic Congregation-Don't Forget the 4th Commandment of Exodus 20 for Tomorrow!


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Mar 22, 2017

This Is Starting To Be Fun...

I have seen myself do this so many times-as Texas Comedian Ron White has said-I'm, initially, fearful of starting something new, but once I get the mechanics 'dialed in' as a fellow telemarketing colleague of mine used to say, then I become a machine.

I now have about 5-6 Amazon Associates Product Links and Banners published to my website and already starting to realize hits, so I guess a sale by mid-September is doable; I wonder if its legal to have a FNR buy something just so I can meet the qualification.

I learned today that my purchase [last year] of Serif's PhotoPlus Software may not be a total waste and I may not have to resort to using an open sourced 'watered down' version or the obscenely expensive Photoshop-even PS 'Elements' are almost $100.

The Hillsboro Page is definitely going to be a page where I hope visitors will contribute.

Shavuah TovHave a Blessed Weekhcwjr/ ponyhunter98

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Mar 21, 2017

OK, I Admit I Have A [Software] Addiction-Problem...

3 New Programs-That I Absolutely Need:

1) Camtasia Studio by Tech-Smith Allows for very Professional Videos and can be used in concert with Snagit-another Tech-Smith Page Capture Program.

2) SEO Toolkit [by Australian Company Trelian] allows SEO Optimizations without needing 3-4 additional programs.

3) Affinity Photo [by English Company Serif] for professional photo touchups and maintenance.

3) Amazon Associates will become my Primary Method of Monetization for my site; although another site, Offer Vault, has some interesting concepts worth investigating.

Anybody know a good psychiatrist for one addicted to purchasing software, "because one day I might need it and when I do-I have it on my desktop!"

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Mar 10, 2017

Fine Tuning My Website Protocol

One thing I have learned in developing/creating my website is C-H-A-N-G-E! I have always been a person that subscribes to the 5 year Rule: In any new endeavor, don't give up for 5 years and then just modify the direction.

I have FINALLY started modifying, building, creating, publishing webpages on a daily or every-other-day basis. I Try to do something Everyday that will move my website towards my eventual goal.

Like Today, I have been thinking about Affiliate Programs and have finally reviewed each of my affiliate relationships:

1) SSI-SBI-SoloPreneur=> is the product developed by Dr. Ken Evoy and the hosting and development product I use; perhaps when I come closer to 50 pages and 75-100 visitors per day I will realize visitors becoming SBI'ers?

2) Law Depot=>F*R*E**E*** and easy to install and good metrics on the dashboard with no production requirements.

3) Revenue Hits=>New and so far no clicks but believe it has potential; also No Charge and No Production Requirements.

4) InfoLinks=>Really Dynamic Graphics and Banner Ads with several options of Placement; also No Production Requirements.

5) Amazon Associates=> The one I Really want to develop and create an income stream with; especially, since I recently read a post that Amazon was eyeing India as their next market-Can you even begin to imagine that potential and of course; South America has to be on the drawing board. As a side note, I received my first click onto my website from Brazil-Today!

New tools on the near horizon [next 30 days] are Trellian's [Australia] SEO Toolkit and website submission, Affinity Photo's [new Serif Product Division] New Software and then for website marketing [before the end of the year] I will begin to use MaryAnne Myers' Website "WebStars2K," and then lastly Majon services.

All of the last mentioned services I used when I was marketing Voice Broadcasting Software and Identity Theft Protection Software.

TTYL and Shavuah Tov [have a good week]


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Feb 15, 2017



Except on Medical/VA Appointment Days and "Bread Days-2xs Monthly-here at Mariposa!"

The other night I awakened like a 'Deer in Headlights' and couldn't figure out where I was and if I was still in da'Nam; when Reality finally returned I sat up on bed side and figured: "Well, I'm awake, might as well start my day; then, after taking my meds and my LIMU Seaweed [fucoidan]I started my day.

I then crashed at about 1330 and thought to myself: "Only because I'm retired can I keep this kind of schedule!"

As from the past when I was promoting my last website [Voice Broadcasting and Identity Protection Software] I started working on my site, http://heritage-harvesters.com , and remembered how I did my best Content Development in the middle of the night.

Besides changing my church membership from 7th Day Baptist of Houston to BETH YESHUA HAMASHIACH-House of Jesus the Messiah, I also changed my online maintenance and repair service and it theft protection to Norton/Symantec. I had Norton about 10 years ago and the service was horrible; but now, I've been very impressed; just finished a "dusting and cleaning" of my CPU and I am Most Pleased.

Also, Praise and Thanks to ADONAI that I can Still afford CARBONITE Back Up Services; I just finished restoration to my CPU and with the "Mirror Image" Services and Protection. It took me about 3 weeks to have everything restored [I could still use computer while files being restored] but then-I have approximately 270,000 files on my CPU have a 2 TB HDD and 1 Gig Memory.

Adding more tonight and will keep you posted on my progress with Monetization Programs.

Shavuah Tov Mishpochahcwjr

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Feb 12, 2017

First Two Months of 2017

1) Thought I would have to buy another External HDD but via the help and explanations of CARBONITE Support I'll be able to use existing Western-Digital [ 1 TB] HDD and the snapshot has already been completed.

2) Through small windfall, I was able to purchase Norton Package of Protection, Online Maintenance, and Scanning Services.

3) Restoration and Snapshot finished yesterday, 02-11-17 in late afternoon.

4) Publish 65-90 webpages by Labor Day, 2017

5) Order Hebrew 4 Christians Course in mid-March

6) Order Burial Clothing by year end

7) Mail out Last Will and Directives by mid-March

8) Contact Children and Sister by July 4th

9) Stay Current with Blog Entries; at least 1x per month.

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Feb 12, 2017

Update(s) From 7 Months Ago...

So, if I hired myself back in 2016, I think I would've 'Fired' myself; HOWEVER, in my own defense I have some arguments:

1) I continued to have falls/vertigo spells in 2016 through late August; then my VA PCP [Primary Care Physician] decided to run me through a battery of tests and to have my first appointments with a Neurologist and Cardiologist.

2) Starting in late August I had: Multi-Channel EKG, Walking Stress Test, Kidney Ultrasound, Carotid Doppler, MRI, and full battery of blood labs...All came back Negative.

3) Neurologist [for palsy/tremors] in both hands said my tremors were only 'mild' and secondary to my 'Graves Disease' and then recommended weighted gloves [which make my hands sweat] when using the keyboard and a weighted coffee cup to avoid spillages when drinking coffee.

4) I then had a Cardiologist Appointment who was 'Momentarily Puzzled' by my fainting spells and falls. He then realized I was taking 3 cardiac medications every morning and thought they might be fighting each other, so he suggested taking one of them at night.

5) Since then my blood pressures and heart rates have settled down and I have returned to walking routines of 3.25 miles, 4 xs per week, keep in mind, I will be 73 in April.

I finished my 12 weeks of Cognitive Therapy Solutions for my PTSD and was directed to a RVN group on 1960 in Houston, meeting 2xs, monthly. Its amazing how many vets are still having the same problems that I have; remembering I was drafted when I was 24, which put me 5 years older than most being drafted in September, 1968.

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Jul 04, 2016

TechSmith's 'Snagit-13'

I started using 'Snagit-12' about one year ago. It was advertised in the 'SSI-SBI!' resources listing. This year the developer,TechSmith,published Snagit-13 which has added more "call-out" graphics,web camera option, and a panoramic option. This tool is especially helpful for instruction, explanations, website graphics and tech support; remembering what Mother used to say: "A picture is worth 1000 words," so a combination of video and picture must be worth a million words.

You can try it out for Free at Tech Smith's website, http://techsmith.com and I Strongly recommend a purchase as the price point is very economical and the FABs delivered are more than expected.

By the way, I am Not an Affiliate with Tech Smith; therefore, I have no 'Profit Motive' for this recommendation, just like their products a lot and their support is prompt, succinct, and effective; plus, you can actually talk to a live person.

Shavuah Tov[Have a Good Week]hcwjr/ ponyhunter98

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Jul 01, 2016

Monetizations Recommendations

For Monetization of your site(s) I Strongly Recommend the Following Services:

1) SBI-SSI! ....benefit from your hosting/development charges. I am an Affiliate, as well as, a user.

2) Tube-ToolBox -helps you attract UTube users to your profile...I am an affiliate/user.

3) Amazon/Associates...I am a premiere customer/affiliate.

4) Commission Junction...wide variety of products; affiliate/user.

5) Click-Bank...affiliate/user

6) Law Depot...Legal Forms; Affiliate/user

7) Ameri-Plan...Discount Med-Dental Plans; Not Insurance but discount medical/dental plans that work; Affiliate/User.

STRONG RECOMMENDATION: Subscribe to a PW Storage Software such as Dashlane; one time charge of about $35~$40; Well-Worth the investment!

I have already recommended several software programs-besides Conventional of Excel, Word, etc.; which I want to Highly Recommend:

1) Serif.12...low cost alternative to Photoshop; you will need this program for photo text manipulations; also their online storage program for images and medias, called 'Screencast." $10 monthly and will save you drive space; for example, I have +5000 JPGs and MP3-4s.

2) TechSmith-Snagit, v. 12 or 13; I started with v.12 and just upgraded to v.13 this morning which has a Panaroma feature which is DYNAOMITE!!!

3) LASTLY, if you lose all your data you will be tempted to double you medications dosage; so, to prevent that be sure and choose a 'Back-Up' Program like Carbonite. I have been a user for about 5 years and they have saved my data about 3xs-So Far.

Remember, there are two types of CPU users; those who have had crashes-AND-those who will!

More Updates in the near future...


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Jun 29, 2016

Monetizations Started

So that this site can continue beyond my life-once I walk through the veil of this life to the next-I have begun to 'Monetize' my site; even though I only have 5 pages published thus far.

1) Law Depot is an affiliate site for those seeking legal documents and don't know where to go.

2) Ameri-Plan is for those seeking discounts for Medical/Dental Expenses; Please Note that A-P is NOT insurance but a very solid discount program.

3) LIMU is the cornerstone of my weight-loss program that allowed me to lose +50 pounds from January, 2015 to June, 2016.

4) Youngevity is a Mineral Replacement Program that is also part of my weight-loss program.

5) Garcina Cambogia, Cayenne Peppers, and LapTop Millionaire/Subliminal Programing are additional products that I use-Without Profit Motive.

6) Commission Junction, Click Bank and Info Links are miscellaneous Affiliate Programs with which I advertise products that 'Twitch-my-Ears' and which I think my website visitors will have an interest in viewing.

7) SSI-SBI! is the Development and Hosting Company developed by Dr. Ken Evoy and whom I use for development and hosting of my website and with whom I am developing my e-Commerce Business.

Any other products that you think would help me sustain this site, I would be glad to review.

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Jun 29, 2016

One of First 300 Texas Families

The Patriarch of FW Lynch Family and Lynchburg,Texas

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Apr 08, 2016

'Beta Version of Screencast'

OK, so I'm doing some 'fine-tuning' on programs needed to provide a smooth work-flow as more webpages begin to be built.

'Screencast' is an accompanying/piggyback program for 'Snagit' a program developed by TechSmith; allowing the developer to store multiple .JPG,.PNG,.MP3-4 files externally to the developer's computer so that the HD is not cluttered unnecessarily. One addition to make to the N/C Program is to add storage space.

I have decided to use the Beta Version for the Library Folders of 'Screencast.'


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Apr 01, 2016

1st Lynch-Lynchburg Page Almost Finished!

I have almost finished my 1st Lynch-Lynchburg page-will try to finish later today or Sunday Afternoon.

Next week I will build scaffolding pages for patriachs and matriarchs of Wall-Lynch Families; A.K. Wall/ F.W. Lynch and Clara Wall/ Pauline Lynch; Hopefully having time and energy to also build the Herman and Lois Wall/Lynch Scaffold Pages.

Will try to build a least one page of collages and montages of pictures to give the visitors-especially my immediate relatives-a sample for what is to come.

In May, as I mentioned to my cousin K.P., I will start adding MP3-MP4 audio and video files.

Almost time to hit the rack, my sleeping pill is starting to kick in-Don't Be Shy, leave information behind on the Content 2.0 Forms; especially if you can add to and/or expand the initial content.

BCNU-TTYLShavuah Tov

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Mar 31, 2016

Monetizations Started...

Today, I started O-U-R Monetizations since I am ALREADY beginning to receive Unique Visitors from Russia, the Ukraine, China and Germany.

I have signed up with AdSense, ClickBank, and Commission Junction with others to follow. The Products I will post will be related to the main theme of the site; that of Development of Immigration of the Mennonite Grandchildren of A.K. and Clara [Glied] Wall.

Monetization is N-O-T intended to market to Family Members but to provide content and products that anybody would have an interest in purchasing; for instance, Wall Ancestors might develop an interest in Lynch-Lynchburg products that are offered and Lynch Family Members might develop an interest in Mennonite, Low-German, Ukrainian Types of products; for example-recipes of certain Mennonite Ethnic Foods and Cooking Directions.

Additionally,once I am NO longer able to maintain the content and mechanics of the site, the chose Monetizations will hopefully self-perpetuate themselves until someone has enough interest [and ability] and become the webmaster of this site.

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Mar 28, 2016

Content 2.0 Tutorial

Good Afternoon,

I had one remaining chore for the homepage and that was to create a tutorial for the Content 2.0 Form for those visitors who are interested in contributing to the site but a little shy about completing yet 'Another Online Form' and wanting to know where their information settles.

I know I am somewhat the same frame of mind; although not as bad as I used to be; but still very cautious when it comes to completing online forms.

As discussed in the video, my microphone has some kind of short and if I can't effect a repair then I will buy a new headset and 'Redo' the video at some point in the near future.

Now that I have my webbuilding mechanics understood, I should be able to start producing 3-5 pages per week and as the SBI! Wizard says: "when traffic is up, build more content and when traffic is down, build more content, and to summarize: Just keep building more content!"

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Mar 23, 2016

How I Lost 43 pounds during 2015- U Can 2 !?!?!?

You may visit my 'Weight-Loss' page within my website http://heritage-harvesters.com or http://ponyhunter.iamlimu.com for detailed information; also refer to the 'Sidebar Products' in the 3rd column of my homepage.

New Goal is to lose and 15 pounds by Memorial Day and then another 15 pounds by Labor Day...We'll See?!?!?!


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Mar 22, 2016

New Programs Added/Learned

A couple new programs I have added and learned and recommend you consider for your site:

1) Snagit-video and Photo Capture-can also do screencasting tutorials...

2) Jing-like program above, only no charge...

3) Handbrake-to minimize a video or JPG to fit on webpage,blog, or eMail...

4) Screencast- a N/C program to store your videos and JPGs-externally-from your CPU...

5) Panaroma-a Serif program that allows sitching together of Photos...

6) Photostack-a Serif program allowing storage of JPGs and MP4s...

Now that I have taxes finished-None to them and None to me, and my PTSD Cognitive Therapy is almost finished [4 more weeks] I can now devote full-time [except for my walking and Bible Study Time] to my website creation and development.

Stay tuned to http://heritage-harvesters.com and Don't Forget that you can add comments and upload JPGs and MP4s to page bottoms on Significant Pages.

Oh yes, Purim Celebration/Observation is this week and I am cooking Periogies/Verenike-depending upon your Russian/German Heritage!

Shavuah Tov[Have a Good Week]hcwjr/ aka ponyhunter98

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Mar 08, 2016

Got Graphics?

So do you need an 'Economical' Graphics Guy or Gal? I have found an organization in England that provides Great Services at reasonable prices.

My header on the above url [the white rectangle with oval pictures] was created and completed by D.W. and the charge was only $106.00; so if you are building a site and need help with your header-which was my first stumbling block-check out http://www.peopleperhour.com/ for a variety of projects.

I Do Not have an Affiliate relationship with PPH.com so I don't have a 'Profit Motive' for my recommendation.

I had my work completed in less than a month's time frame [09/01-15=>09/06/15] and was Totally Satisfied; Hope this helps you.


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Mar 01, 2016

Heritage-Harvesters HomePage Rolls Out

Home Page for http://heritage-harvesters.com "rolled out" this morning and is now live.

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Feb 15, 2016

Heritage-Harvesters is Chosen Domain Name!

After Eight Months of Researching Key Words, Google Ad Words as to "Most Popular" AND "Most Profitable" Words and with the help of SBI! Tool 'Brainstorm It' the name "heritage-harvester" has proven to be best words for new Wall-Lynch Family History Website.

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